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15 Tips: How To Lower Your Aruba Vacation Cost

Hooiberg Aruba
Enjoy a calm Aruba sunset. Pictured: ‘Hooiberg’

With the worldwide rise in prices, there must be a way to offset the cost of traveling a little bit. According to some trend watchers, air travel is going to become even more expensive on the long term that international travel is only going to be affordable for the rich and famous. I’ve read some other reports that suggest otherwise as well.

There are ways to lower you vacation cost and spending. If you are patient, gutsy or outright lucky, there might be several ways to cut down on cost and still be able to enjoy your hard-earned vacation. I know that many, who live in the industrialized world, work in excess of 50 hours a week! Just the thought alone makes me shiver.

Following are a few – typical and not so typical – ideas to help you reduce cost on the short and long term:

  1. Most major airlines that fly to Aruba offer hot deal e-mail alerts on their websites. Sign-up for those.
  2. Do the same with major travel site such as, Orbitz, Priceline etc.
  3. Rent a house or villa. This is much cheaper than a resort room.
  4. The latest trend in the hospitality is to house-swap. Find someone who owns a house in Aruba and exchange your house with that person for the duration of the vacation. The only thing you’ll need to pay for is airfare.
  5. Long shot perhaps: purchase your own property in Aruba. You’ll enjoy local prices in many aspects. Real estate and taxes are relatively in-expensive, while services are pricey.
  6. Rent a car rather than going around in taxi. Better yet, take the public bus.
  7. Renting a car to explore the island is the cheapest way to go around; however it will cost a lot of your time as you will be searching sites, as the signs aren’t very useful. Additionally you might not know the story behind the sites.
  8. Visit the less-costly activities such as the Butterfly Farm or Ostrich Farm, if that tickles your interest.
  9. The cheapest activity is going to the beach, that for free.
  10. Arrange a transfer service for larger groups.
  11. There are many good restaurants in Aruba, choose the ones which are less expensive but still very good. It sounds logical, but everyone wants to eat at high profile restaurants such as Madam Jannette, Flying Fishbone or El Gaucho. Try The Old Fisherman instead.
  12. Better yet, purchase your own groceries. Hotel food and drinks are very pricey.
  13. The rules about shopping are very easy. The closer you are to the resorts, the more likely the prices will be higher.
  14. If you need to keep in contact with home, rent a mobile phone with a local number. Roaming is just too expensive. Hotel phone rates are also on the higher end.
  15. Better yet, if you own an unlocked GSM mobile phone, you can purchase a SIM-card for $20 from the local carrier Setar, with a branch at the airport or at Palm Beach. This way you have your own local number and $6 credit.

By Gabriel

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