18th March

18th of March is a very special day in Aruba. This day is our national holiday and also known as flag and anthem day. On this date we remember the long path Aruba went through towards sovereignty from the Netherlands Antilles, perhaps towards freedom.

In 1986 Aruba gained self rule and moved in another direction. Since the 90’s the island’s population and economy grew exponentially. No more fights between the islands, but rather comprehension and cooperation.

Aruba’s separation was so successful that now, 22/23 years later, the other islands want to separate from the Netherlands Antilles as well, therefore putting an end to the ‘country’ Netherlands Antilles.

Aruba faced challenges along the way (and still does) but at the end it might have been the best thing for the islands to separate, and learn from the mistakes Aruba made during it 22 years of self rule.

Note: Aruba is not an independent nation.

By Gabriel

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