4th Of July

Happy 4th of July to visitors from the US

There isn’t a country that has had a bigger impact on Aruba’s contemporary history than the US. On 4th of July it is a perfect time to look a bit deeper into this day and what it means for our friends from the US. It certainly made me look up a bit more information about this day. It’s too bad that activities related to 4th of July aren’t well documented the time this island was inhabited by many American oil workers.

On the 4th of July US celebrates its Independence Day from the Kingdom of Great Britain, obtained on July 4th of 1776. This day is a typical day of celebration with a lot of show of US patriotic symbols. Seemingly, in the present these symbols are more present in outfits, caps, sports and movies, rather than the old traditional symbols.

The American population in Aruba isn’t as big as it used to be in the height of the oil-boom of Lago Oil Refinery. This American owned refinery opened in 1929 and shut down in 1985. Almost all of the Presidents of Lago where all American nationals, with the most notable one being Sir Lloyd Gaston Smith. Currently there are still a few influential Americans in Aruba such as the current CEO of Aruba’s hotel and tourism organization, major resorts are managed by American managers and the president of Valero Aruba Refinery amongst others.

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I planned my vaca in Aruba for the 4th of July, hopeing to celebrate it in another country, as I know American tourism is pretty popular there. We’ll see what it has to offer, but if no celebrations of anykind, I still am looking forward to coming & mingling with the GREAT people of Aruba! Staying at the Occidental Grande. Looks nice on line, hope it is as nice as it looks! Peace & love!

Indeed there will be activities organized by the resorts for the guests on 4th of July. I’m sure you will have something to do there. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Have a great vacation.

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