About started in May of 2007 on a sub page at The only topic at that time were beaches only but then Hurricane Dean was threatening to hit Aruba.

It didn’t. It surely brought a lot of rain to Aruba and big parts of the island flooded. Following the storm, I noticed that information wasn’t best. There weren’t lots fresh pictures for example. This was a good opportunity. I started writing about the storm, consequently received more visitors. The posting frequency went up and lots of fresh pictures were uploaded. It resulted in lots of new visitors. Though soon after the storm passed, seemingly it took the visitors with it and things cooled down considerably.


After learning about the potential, this blog was moved from to its own domain. At first, the topics remained closely linked with the beaches. That became old, however. It was difficult to continue coming up with stories about beaches. The topic of Aruba beaches is now meant more like a metaphor about this island.

The topic base was expanded with real estate, condos, resorts, and weather. Since then, the visitor amount rose. This website serves thousands of page views per month, which for a small site without any marketing is pretty decent. It’s been growing month to month with about 5 to 10 percent and year on year with 100% plus. Our Flickr page – – has over 900 photographs, with almost 18.000 picture views.

To further enhance the user experience, a new, much simpler, web re-design has been unveiled on February 24, 2010. Videos will become more prominent as well. The posting frequency will continue to be four-weekly as that seems to work best. Posts will continue to be mostly short, containing an image or video as the introduction, followed by three paragraphs of text.

I am Gabriel, married, father of a girl and a boy, both whom I adore. I’m a tourism professional born and raised in Aruba. I have a college background in economics/real estate and have a passion for tourism, technology, and entrepreneurship. If you would like to contact me, please use below form.

Updated on February 24, 2010.

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I’m not sure what you mean, but I think you want me to link your website on

That would be no problem. Your site falls within the category I generally write about: beaches and beach real estate.

I will write a piece about Surfside Beach in one of these days as well.

I recently came across the web site and I have been enjoying it quite a bit.

I recall a rumor from a few years ago that Hyatt was thinking of building some time shares on their property in Aruba. I know they have recently renovated the hotel. Have you heard any news about these timeshares or are those plans no longer active? Thanks.

Hi there Nate, I appreciate your comment. Thanks for that.

About Hyatt building timeshare units on their property, I think that’s highly unlikely. I’m not aware of any permits giving out to any developer in name of Hyatt and partners.

Hyatt’s timeshare business – Hyatt Vacation Club, Inc. – isn’t registered in Aruba’s Chamber of Commerce either. Unless it develops the timeshare through a partner company I don’t think anything is happening any time soon.

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