Our Story

This is how Aruba Beaches Chronicles began

Made in Aruba

Aruba Beaches Chronicles is an independent publishing platform that aims to inform Aruba visitors and others who have Aruba close in their hearts. It is produced here in Aruba.

Started in 2007, Aruba Beaches Chronicles has become one of the oldest independent blogs based in Aruba still functioning today.

After writing and posting about Aruba beaches, it quickly became apparent that the subject matter needed to be expanded. An then Hurricane Dean was threatening to hit Aruba.

It didn’t. It surely brought a lot of rain to Aruba and big parts of the island flooded. Following the storm, I noticed that information wasn’t the best. There weren’t lots of fresh pictures available back then.

This seemed like a good opportunity. I started writing about the storm, consequently received more visitors. The posting frequency went up and lots of fresh pictures were uploaded. It resulted in a bigger readership and new friends.

The topic base was expanded with real estate, condos, resorts, and weather. Readership grew.

Fast forward to 2020, after a devastating pandemic, Aruba Beaches Chronicles grew to be the oldest independent continuous Aruba tourism blog, made right here in Aruba.

My name is Gabriel, father of a teenage daughter, and a teenage son. I am a tourism professional, born and raised in Aruba. I have a college background in economics/real estate and have a passion for tourism, technology, entrepreneurship, and woodworking (at an amateur/hobby level). If you would like to contact me, please do so below using your favorite method.

Updated on November 11, 2020.