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Acqua Aruba Condo Guaranteed

Impression of Acqua’s plans

Acqua Condominium is a high rise condominium project currently being developed in Aruba’s Palm Beach area. The construction is in early stages. Sales have already started.

This condo is expected to be the largest of its kind in Aruba. To the north it neighbors Marriott, to the east Holiday Inn and to the south newly constructed Palm Beach Plaza shopping.

In the wake of worldwide economic problems, project officials saw themselves forced to issue an assurance to all – potential – buyers that the development is solid. It claims that the financial backing is robust and construction is going as scheduled. For more information visit Acqua Condo.

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It’s been a few weeks since I updated on the projects. Actually I’m working on a update on the construction efforts around the beach areas. I can give you an advanced update that construction work on Acqua condo continues. If I’m not mistaken the developers are Argentinian/Venezuelan.

I just came back from Aruba and noticed that they weren’t working on the acqua project. We were there over 2 years ago and we were told it would be finished in 2011. Do you know if and when the the buildings will be finished

Does anybody have any info on this project. There is almost no info on this. We are starting to worry this project will never be completed. We invested in 2008! Almost zero news. Are their any confident investors left?

Hi Leo, on this project you should take a no-news-is-good-news attitude. The project is ongoing (slowly). I can tell you that recently a new banner went up the the news: Inauguration June 2013. Sigh… Seems to be more of a sales tactic, than a realistic delivery date unfortunately. It’s not me saying, just look at the facts. This project started in 2007! Good luck.

Dear Leo,
We too bought in Acqua back in 2008. We however pulled out when they required us to sign the purchase agreement. We ended up losing $7000. I guess we were fortunate because we had a lot more in escrow which was returned. We were very upset with the goings on at Acqua and were lied to every step of the way. We were also very disappointed as we thought we would use this when we retired. I did learn one important lesson, Never, Never buy pre-construction!

Thank you for sharing your experience on this proyect. I’m sad to learn that things happened to you the way it did. Buying pre-construction can be attractive in terms of the discounts, however, it can be risky if the project isn’t solid and isn’t delivered as promised. Perhaps instead of locking ones money in a pre-construction deal, instead, it could be argued, that you should invest in something more lucrative (short term), cash out, and then purchase a new condo unit that’s already on the market.

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