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Acqua Condo Restarted Construction

As promised in their recent newsletter the developer of Acqua condo resumed construction efforts on their massive condo development in Palm Beach, south of Marriott properties. This plagued project has been hit with setbacks from the beginning and struggled since.

It goes without saying that the struggles translate into massive delays in delivery, making buyers nervous, extremely nervous. From the amount of emails I receive from concerned buyers I can only conclude that information towards the clients is very poor or non-existent.

Acqua Condo
Acqua condo restarted construction in November

If you are an interested party to this development you should be happy to learn about the resumed construction. The developer said that this time they should move ahead swiftly and doesn’t expect any new setbacks. As always, I’ll keep my eye on this development.

By Gabriel

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Dear Gabe,
Please let me know if Acqua is moving along? Purchase agreements need to be signed and I’m still a little nervous. Your help is appreciated. Thanks, Mary Ann

Mary Ann the construction is on going at a slow pace. I suggest you read the conditions of the escrow account very well. Make sure the money is not touched until the key is delivered. That’s your safest bet. If they use money on the escrow account for the construction this could be a problem.

Estimado Gabriel

Por favor me puedes infromar como esta el avance de construccion de Acqua Condos

Nelson, la construction esta en pleno desarollo. Todo los dias hay obreros trabajando. En este momento la construction avanza satifactoriamente, sin embargo, un poco lento por mi gusto. Saludos.

I am very interested in these condos spoke to them this past Friday and went back sat and they never opened. Is this project really going to be completed?

Hi Susan, thanks for the question. I’m not too sure about them being open Saturdays and/or Sundays. Be that as it may, I haven’t updated this website for a long time, but I have been keeping up with the developments around the island. I know the Acqua condo sales team has been working hard to keep selling units, however the struggles related with the construction has been well documented across the internet.

To recap, the project has been announced in 2007, construction started in 2008. Originally the plans were to deliver the first tower within months of the start of construction, however this was pushed backed until 2009. Years have passed and currently (late 2014) not even the first tower is completed. From what I understand the plans have been altered and only two towers instead of three will be build there. The rest of the land will have a different destination (retail and food – a shopping center).

Quit honestly there is only one reason I would even consider purchasing a unit there: the price. You won’t find a condo at this price point, at similar location, this close to the beach, anywhere in Aruba. Ever! Starting at just over $200K per unit, this is indeed to good pass up and disregard the past struggles altogether. After it’s all said and done, when the project is finished (if?), the resale value of these condos should certainly all make it well worth it. The comps are encouraging.

For now the only way I would recommend acquiring a unit, is if you are in this for the long haul. Even so make sure the deposits are made on an escrow account and be sure to read the escrow agreement carefully. On the other side, if you would like to use the condo personally on the short term, I don’t see them finishing any time soon, if the recent past is any indication.

Hopefully I have answered all your question.

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