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Acqua Condo Sales Started

Acqua Aruba Condo Sales Office
Recently opened Acqua sales office

One of the biggest condo projects in Aruba has recently opened its sales offices and is ready for business. Acqua condo is set to become Aruba’s biggest condo project yet. In reality the condo is shaped like any other high rise Palm Beach resort. I personally expect the majority of the units to serve as regular resort rooms, available for weekly rent.

In that aspect this project has raised some eyebrows due to its size and massiveness. It’s projected to become one of the biggest high rises in the area. Some people think that this project is too big. I might lean towards that opinion, however, I’m also pragmatic. The fault doesn’t necessarily lies with the developer, as the primary goal of a developer is long term profitability. Rather, the fault lies with the ones in charge of handling the permits.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, this project is well under way. Construction is ongoing and more heavy equipment appears on site every day. The sales office is located on a corner of a heavily trafficked road, near Marriott and Holiday Inn. For more information on this project please visit Acqua Condominium Aruba.

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