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Acqua Condominium Aruba To Start Selling

Acqua Condominium Aruba inaugurated its sales offices located at the construction site this past weekend. The offices feature slick interiors with freshly planted landscaping outside. Additionally, the complex titles have been hung outside the walls.

Acqua Condominium is a high rise condo development that is in the process of getting started. The development is located in Palm Beach, south of Marriott Vacation Club International’s property of Marriott Surf Club. All preparations have concluded and start of construction is imminent.

With a big, high profile reception – Acqua invited local media and VIPs – and fireworks Acqua officially presented itself to the public. Acqua sent out a press release which appeared in several news outlets almost integral. I’m missing the additional questions that some members of the media have forgotten to ask. Such as whom the developers and financial backers are. Or when the project is expected to be delivered. Or where the building material and workers are coming from. Or what the guarantees are towards the buyers when they put a down payment. As the time passes, I’m sure we will learn more about the project and all questions will be answered.

The project looks solid all in all. It makes a good impression. No other condo project has held a launch party such as Acqua did. Having said that, bells and whistles don’t really impress me, actions do. Acqua seems to mean business.

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7 replies on “Acqua Condominium Aruba To Start Selling”

I am interested in your rates for pre-construction. I would like to know when they are planning to start construction and when it will be finished. Thank you.

The construction is under way. A few weeks back developers guaranteed the construction will continue as scheduled. I will call the realtor and ask them the information you requested and will send it to you via e-mail. Thank you for your comment.

The sales office is open all right. I’m sure they have what you are looking for. Word of warning, they have endured delays so make sure to be aware on the progress of the construction. Also make sure you know what the conditions of purchase are.

Is there any new update from January 2012 on where the construction is at? I would also like to know who the developers are and what the news is on their delay thusfar.

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