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Acqua Condominium Latest

Construction at trouble-filled development Acqua Condominium continues. It was only last month that they had to deal with another issue regarding pay of some workers with a sub-contractor. The issue seems resolved as the construction appears to be ongoing.

There’s a wall around the whole construction effort preventing me of an inside look, so I decided to take a peek from neighboring Palm Beach Plaza mall. From this angle I got a decent view of recent work.

Acqua Aruba
Facade of ongoing construction work at Acqua (stucco work on the southern tower visible in picture finished)

What I saw didn’t really impress much. I mean, people are working and the development of the construction ongoing but nothing more. Currently they are pouring concrete of adjacent towers, which is not visible in the combination of pictures. Work in progress.

Acqua Aruba
Construction at Acqua

By Gabriel

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5 replies on “Acqua Condominium Latest”

Dear Gabriel

It would be nice if you updated news about this project and explained to his readers that the construction is going without stopping and already is reaching the top of the building.

Hi there Jenner, thank you for the comment. Yes, you’re right, haven’t posted in a while, I will soon resume my “writing duties”. Meanwhile I can corroborate that the construction is ongoing.

Hi Gabriel,

My wife and I recently returned home from Aruba and are also extremely interested in this property yet share the concerns of the others, with regard to the project’s past difficulties. It is very exciting on paper and looks like a property that we would like to invest in. I’m sure all interested would like to hear your updated reports.

Dear Gabriel

Please we are waiting for your update information on your site, many people tell me that construction is progressing well, but do not understand why you do not update it on your site

I haven’t updated in a while but I’ve kept up with the comments, such as yours. I’m currently setting up my own company which is taking most of my time so I couldn’t update. I’m have the full intention to return to my writing duties here and pumping out updates. I’ve decided to integrate this website with this venture to add some value and revamp the whole website. It still isn’t ready for ”prime time” but now is a question of only a few weeks.

I can tell meanwhile that Acqua has found the good path and construction is going on now without problems for some months. They seemed to have solved the financial issues of the past and other issues. They have reached the highest point of the first towers and celebrated that with a PR gathering. They developers also gave an interview in a local paper which was a first and declared that things moving ahead “normally” and people should expect to see progress.

I still go there frequently and still keep an eye on this development. You can always reach me at or for the latest follow my updates on Twitter ( which I write on the fly on my mobile phone.

Thank for commenting Jenner.

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