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Additional Improvements Airport Aruba

Airport Aruba Arrivals
Airport Aruba continues to improve the facilities. Such facilities as food & retail are being developed right now. This will further enhance the quality of service. Not only passengers will be able to use the new facilities, also visitors, users and employees.

On a related note, Aruba airport officials released figures about the first quarter and it indicated a slight drop in general arrivals. The drop comes from Venezuelan travelers as their government set new restrictions to acquire foreign money, thus making traveling more difficult. Arrivals from elsewhere, especially North America continues strong.

Aruba airport continues to make contact with airlines from North/South America and Europe to further diversify the flow of passengers. I hope they manage to get new clients. Meanwhile, I’ll throw out a couple of dream pairs just for the fun of it: Los Angeles – Aruba, London – Aruba and Frankfurt – Aruba.

By Gabriel

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