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Airline News From Aruba

As an addition to yesterday’s news about American Airlines canceling flights due to safety checks to their old MD80 aircrafts, another airline made a similar announcement. United States’ third largest airline, Delta Airlines, announced that it was grounding flights due to safety checks of their MD88 aircraft type. Apparently there are some issues with the wiring in the aircrafts. I guess it is a precautionary measure, but it surely makes you think about the safety of this particular aircraft type before they decided to make any special checks. How about airlines that aren’t based in the US? There are several air carriers in the region that uses MD80’s, it makes you wonder.

Neither American Airlines nor Delta Airlines use the MD80 or MD88 to Aruba. The impact it might have on your traveling plans, is if you are traveling towards a hub, where you get onto a plane headed down to the Caribbean. American’s hubs to Aruba are Miami International and New York’s JFK. Delta’s hub is Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. If you are wondering about the aircraft type these airlines use for the service to Aruba, both use Boeing 757-200. American occasionally uses a Boeing 767-200 on busy times and Delta uses the Airbus A320 as well.

Talking about A320, I’ve noticed a United Airlines A320 parked near the terminal for four days now. Seemingly it has technical problems since it hasn’t been moved. United pares Aruba with Chicago and Washington DC.

On a different note, Aruba airport is in the midst of a runway extension, consequently the taxi runway is closed. Aircrafts must use the regular runway to taxi where it might cause additional delays on peak hours. The runway extension is part of an ongoing upgrade by current airport management in cooperation with Dutch Schiphol Group. The construction is expected to last for a few more months.

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