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Airline World Spinning

Bad news and mergers are all we hear these days in regards to the airline industry. I like to write about the airline industry as it has an impact far away where the decisions are made. Aruba is no exception. When executives of Delta Airlines and Northwest airlines decide to merge there will be consequences throughout the whole world.

The impact of the Delta-Northwest merger won’t have big repercussions for Aruba I think. Northwest doesn’t fly to Aruba, while Delta does. Actually I might have benefits for the Northwest costumers, as a travel from one of Northwest hubs via Atlanta to Aruba is supposed to go smoother once the merger is finalized.

There is talk now on other airlines getting together, such as United Airlines and US Airways. This merger might have a more of an impact on Aruba. US Airways is the second biggest air carrier to Aruba, after American Airlines. If this merger goes ahead, United costumers will likely lose their connections from Chicago and Washington DC in favor of US Airways’ hubs Philadelphia or Charlotte.

I’ve read that the airline sector in Europe is consolidating as well. Interesting and challenging times ahead.

Aruba Airport

This week the airport released record numbers. Almost all sectors across the board have contributed to the airports’ record numbers. Especially the sector “commercial activities” is growing rapidly. This is a good thing for travelers. Upon completion of the airport some 7 or 8 years back, Aruba airport was awful. There wasn’t anything to do or to even eat. Now there are more shops and restaurants.

The airport authority expects the current growth to continue as long as nothing unforeseen occurs throughout the remainder of current fiscal year.

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