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Airport Aruba Revenue Explodes

Airport Figures
Aruba airport arrivals in absolute numbers [source: Aruba Airport]

Earlier in the week local airport officials released results of Aruba airport and they were very good. In fact, 2008 was a record year. Never before did Queen Beatrix International Airport handled so many passengers. A total of almost 2 million passengers – arrival, departure and transit – used the airport facilities.

US travelers account for 62% of the total amount of arrivals, an increase of 4%. Canadian arrivals jumped with 29%. The turn 0ver was fl. 93M – $53M -, also a record high. On the flip side, 2009 won’t be a good year. The amount of movement at the airport is down with about 11%. It has been coming down since September 2008.

The airport continues to work in improving facilities, despite the expected loss in revenue. Planned investments of fl. 39M – $22M – are still scheduled to be completed this year. Expect the airport to further improve the facilities and infrastructure. The risks for the near future lies with pace of the world wide economic recovery. Also critical for the airport is the continuing cooperation with Dutch Schiphol Group and moderation by airport unions. I think the million arrival mark will be reached in 3 or 4 years time.

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