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Alhambra Casino and Shopping Bazaar Construction Update

Main entrance at Alhambra Casino

A building in bad need of a renovation is certainly Alhambra Casino and Shopping Bazaar, as it is officially called. Located in the heart of the Divi properties in the low rise district, this project was virtually abandoned by owner Divi Resorts for many years. Off course Divi is busy expanding and renewing their other resort properties on the island.

Currently, the renovation work is focused on the outside of the main building. A brand (grand?) entrance has been build, while the outer walls are getting a once over. Divi announced recently that it close the sports lounge inside to completely rebuild that area.

The shopping area has advanced to the roof structure now. Generally this means that the construction is 25% advanced. The rest generally takes longer as detailing takes a lot of time. This is going to take a few more months to complete it seems. Divi insists that the casino remains open for operation.

Front entrance Alhambra Casino

Building material in front of Alhambra

Construction at Shopping Bazaar continues

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6 replies on “Alhambra Casino and Shopping Bazaar Construction Update”

Judith I just walked out of Alhambra Casino and I can tell you that the inside is the same, even the carpet. The old tiny bar Cleo’s is still open. Currently they are working on the new bar which is going to have an open area outside. Work is underway and looks far from completed. Unfortunately they didn’t allow me to take a couple of pictures.

Hi Shelley, the construction is ongoing. They are finishing the landscaping outside the casino. The shopping area beside the casino is not finished, however, sandwich shop Subway has reopened. The casino

I’ll be heading that way in about a month and was wondering if Dunkin Donuts is open again? I can’t wait to see the progress.

Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway are back. A Japanese restaurant and grocery store are new. The construction is ongoing, and it’s looking good already. They recently finished the landscaping on the hotel side of Alhambra Bazaar (I guess the name is still Alhambra Bazaar).

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