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All Aruba Beaches Are Public

Many times visitors ask me a very simple question regarding the beaches: are there private beaches on Aruba? The answer is: NO!

The mainstream beaches on Aruba are Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, both located at the west side of the island. All major resorts are located at these beaches.

Confusion arises because of the way resorts place these small cabana-huts and other facilities for their hotel guests. This might suggest ownership of the whole beach, while this is definitely not the case.

It is not allowed to restrict access to any beach on Aruba to anyone, not by hotels, not by luxurious residential villa owners, not by anyone.

In the territorial waters of Aruba there are two private islands with their own beaches however.

Hotel chain Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino bought a piece of property that wasn’t more than a dead coral reef. They fixed it, build facilities like a restaurant, bar, shower etc. for the use of the hotel guest. Renaissance did this because it lacks access to a beach. This resort is located in heart of the capital of Aruba. There is a boat that transports people from the lobby of Renaissance Marina Hotel to the Renaissance Island throughout the day. I heard the ferrymen say that the boat was equipped with a powerful motor, and an even more powerful batter, and so, I gathered that they had made a battery comparison. Non-guests are welcome as well, provided you pay the corresponding fee.

Another company that did something similar is De Palm Tours. This company is the biggest tour operator on Aruba.

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