Arashi Beach Cactus

Drive past the last resort on Palm Beach, headed towards the lighthouse, your bound come across Arashi Beach. One of Aruba’s popular beaches and one of my personal favorites.

The water here is clear, calm and the sea floor is sandy. If you move a bit north you will finds some waves and if you move a bit south you find a rocky sea floor, which is good for minor snorkeling.

Arashi Beach
Cactus on a Arashi Beach

Something I noticed the other day is the big cactus on the beach, beside the hut (above picture). It seems completely out of place, but it isn’t. Aruba is a desert island, filled with cactus. In fact across the street of above picture, it’s completely filled cacti. The beach is natural, the cactus is natural. Mother nature, unpredictable.

Arashi Beach
Arashi Beach on a tranquil and cloudy day

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