Arashi Beach Opens

Arashi Beach Opens
Parked cars at newly opened Arashi Beach

After a few months of construction work, the beautification of Arashi Beach is finished. Almost that is. The major work around the new parking area is finished. A few cosmetic work need to take place in order for Arashi to be 100%.

One of the more popular beaches in Aruba has been closed for renovation for a few months. It never was fully closed, as only the main access to the beach was shut, not the sides. The most important changes are the new parking area and beach furniture.

Before the revamp, Arashi was sloppy and disorganized. Now the areas are neatly market all users know what to do and where to go. Access for motorized vehicles has been completely blocked. It’s a user’s, or pedestrian’s, beach now.

Arashi Beach
Some palapas need still need a roof

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