Arashi Beach Renovations

Arashi Beach
Construction work at Arashi Beach

A while ago I wrote about the project to upgrade the beach-going experience at three specific beaches by Coastal Zone Management Aruba. Together with island officials, construction of the surrounding areas has commenced.

Arashi Beach, Baby Beach and a portion of Palm Beach are receiving an upgrade. The upgrade includes a good marking of public spaces and restricted areas, especially restricted by vehicles. Additionally public showers will be installed.

These measures are necessary in order to save the beaches, which are all natural and especially vulnerable. The beaches itself won’t be altered in any way, just the surroundings. Last year the reorganization already started with markings in the water to protect swimmers from water scooters, this is the next phase.

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The reconstruction of Arashi Beach area is ongoing and will be completed finished. As for the time frame, it’s not supposed to take more than a few months. I’m not aware of a specific delivery date but if everything continues without a glitch by the summer things must be wrapped up. Thanks for commenting Sue.

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