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Arikok National Park Improves

It’s almost one year ago since I took an extensive tour of Arikok National Park, a few months after it reopened. I was very pleased with what I saw and thought the improvements were encouraging. I wrote a lengthy piece about it, with many photographs.

I’ve seen this park evolve since the early beginning. In fact I use to frequent that area more than 10 year ago before it became a national park. Without disregarding the efforts of early park pioneers I think things are starting to look better and better every day. The road in the park is an improvement in comparison to the dirt road it had (although I wish there were less “washers” or sleeping police). The Visitors Center is awesome and the wooden building is fitting in that environment.

Video by Arikok National Park

There’s still room for improvement, without a doubt. For example, there are still too many cans and bottles laying around going to Natural Pool for my taste, signage and indication isn’t the best and the entrance/exit is confusing to mention a few things. By the way I’m loving the hiking tour offered for $25 per group. The whole staff is doing a terrific job in the park for sure. I would like to give extra kudos to Diego and Jimmy for their effort in trying to modernize things. Keep it up, I know it isn’t always easy. Website Arikok National Park.

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