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Arikok National Park Opens


I’m planning to tour the island soon in an off road vehicle to reach places that otherwise would be impossible to reach. The purpose of the trip is twofold: taking my wife and kids for a spin and filming/photographing  the island. I’m planning to drive around in the newly opened Aruba’s Arikok National Park as well.

Arikok park has been under major renovations and restructuring for more than a year. The purpose of the renovation is to better structure the park and to improve the accessibility by fixing the main roads. Arikok park has several hills, which are very sensitive to erosion after a good downpour.

To avoid the creation of big holes after the downpour – previously only dirt roads – the new paced road has now several (20+) drainage structures, which also function as speed bumps. The new paved road certainly looks good, but the “speed bumps” are a bit annoying, but necessary. The project suffered many setbacks and delays but at the end I want to give the national park people the heads up for a job well done. I’ll have pictures soon.

By Gabriel

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