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Aruba Airport Doing Good

Aruba’s airport recently released positive numbers – again – in terms of the arrival numbers. In a nutshell most markets are up, with the exception of Venezuela. The markets that are rocking right now are Brazil and Britain.

The airport core business itself showed strength and airport officials continue to be positive for the remainder of the year. Projects to enhance passenger experience are ongoing, such as a food court/supermarket outside the airport. The ratings company Finch kept the rating for Aruba’s airport positive, although I personally don’t give too much attention to this ratings.

Airport Aruba Arrivals
Aruba arrival terminal

Aruba’s airport owner (government) decided to allocate some of the airport’s profits into a new, to be created tourism fund. The idea is behind this is for the important partners in Aruba’s tourism to contribute to this fund for sustainable growth in tourism. What this exactly means is not clear yet.

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