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Aruba Airport Investing

Airport Aruba Arrivals
Aruba Airport Arrivals

Aruba airport is planning on moving forward in 2009. Recently they announced a new round of investments of over $22 million. Most of the investment however, is intended to take place behind the scenes, such as a new layer of asphalt for the landing/taxi strip and new facilities for General Aviation (private planes).

Additionally the airport announced an upgrade for users outside the terminal as well. A new restaurant is in the pipeline with the intention to serve the clientele who come to wave off relatives/friends, plus people who are waiting arriving passengers. I’m sure taxi drivers and tour operators are happy about that as well.

Aruba continues to invest in enhancing the product in order to add value for all users and stakeholders. In the past the airport received a lot of criticism from both users and clients. Though, there are still challenges ahead. The costs for all users – i.e. concession holders, vendors, airlines and users – need to get/stay competitive, while at the same time the revenue for the airport must increase. That’s no easy task in 2009, especially having contradictory interests like that.

A special note of concern I recon must be the newly introduced security measures by the local Immigration Department at the airport – the airport has no blame in this. They take way too long per passenger, consequently long lines form. We need a different system, a much faster and efficient system. Security is important, as is costumer relations. The measures are a few weeks old, hopefully during evaluation they sort things out.

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