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Aruba Airport Showing Strength

Aruba Airport satellite photo

Aruba Airport has showed its strength as of late. Despite the negative news from American Airlines and its announced cuts, Aruba Airport still managed to release some positive news in terms of its financial position, a favorable review by passengers and a major new client.

Aruba Airport released figures for the second quarter of this year that show an increase in passengers by 6.8% in comparison with the same period last year. The amount of flights grew with 3.5% in comparison with previous year. If one puts the two figures together, the only conclusion is that the aircrafts arriving to Aruba are fuller. The remainder of the year the airport expects it to be challenging, especially with the announced cuts from especially American Airlines, but reportedly remains positive.

An international research done in Latin America concluded that Aruba’s airport was found to be second best according to travelers. The airport received the Sky Trax’ World Airport Award. The areas reviewed included the service and quality of the airport in general. Naturally, airport officials are very pleased with the award. I must say that the airport came a long way, in comparison to when they opened up the airport back at the beginning of this millennium. It was awful. It was sterile, boring, service was poor, seats in the waiting room where horrible, you had to pay for the baggage cart etc. But now, kudos. They even offer Travel Pillows to stay comfortable during the flight.

Lastly, the other major news was the announcement made by Panamanian Copa Airlines that it is to start flights between Panama City and Aruba on December 15th of this year.

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