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Aruba Beach Wedding

Marriott Aruba Wedding
Marriott wedding at Palm Beach [image by Marriott]

The wedding industry is a 40 billion dollar a year business in the United States alone. Separately the honeymoon industry is a 12 billion dollar a year business. It goes without saying that the hospitality industry actively hunts for a piece of that very lucrative pie. Hotels are expanding their revenue stream by catering more and more towards the wedding business by offering a complete wedding/honeymoon package.

On the internet there are many top ten lists with best honeymoon destinations in the world and most of the time Aruba appears somewhere on the list. In Aruba, the honeymoon tourism business is much larger than the wedding tourism business. However, weddings are becoming a bigger business in Aruba as well. Did you know that about half of all weddings in Aruba are of tourists? Ever since the change in legislation about a decade ago that figure has skyrocketed. This island is especially popular with newly weds from the East Coast of the United States.

Local resorts want to tap more into the wedding business and are becoming more aggressive by pursuing couples into an Aruba wedding. Most major resorts in Aruba already had a department dedicated to the wedding business already. But now hotels are exposing it more to the public, just like Occidental Resort did short ago with the hiring of a Wedding Manager. Amsterdam Manor (starting at $455), Renaissance, Westin, Hyatt and Marriott are some other examples of resorts with staff especially dedicated in coordinating weddings. An Aruba beach wedding surely is unforgettable.

Aruba wedding practical tips

  • The average wedding in the United States cost just over 21K in 2008, down with 24% from 2007. Don’t go overboard just because your getting married abroad. Stick to your budget.
  • Weddings in Aruba are legal and valid in most countries in the world, make sure you find out what documents are necessary to get married by the law.
  • Compare the prices that each resort offers you. Renaissance Convention Center is also a good option. They must be good because they did rap mogul Timbaland’s wedding last year and hosted all their famous guests.
  • Let the wedding coordinators do their jobs, you’re paying them to do that. Try to be hands-off, at least as much as you can.
  • Don’t go necessarily with the hotel-recommended photographer, there are many good alternatives in Aruba.
  • If things get a big overwhelming organize a day out to the beach (it’s free) or go on an excursion if your budget allows that.
  • Lastly, the wedding is all about bride and groom. Period.

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