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Aruba Bird Sanctuary

Learn about Aruba Bird Sanctuary.

Windmill's Deck
View from The Old Windmill to the Bird Sanctuary

The Bird Sanctuary (also known as Bubali Plas) is hidden treasure located at walking distance from both the high rise resorts and low rise resorts. The entrance is located more towards where landmark The Old Windmill is located. Entrance is free.

The sanctuary is not commercialized, therefore, apart from an observation tower, there isn’t much else you can do there without proper guidance. To really enjoy the sanctuary I strongly suggest you hire a guide. He/she will need to be a nature expert to really explain all the variety of birds and vegetation.’s description: “The nearby water treatment facility empties into two inter-connected man-made lakes, where migratory birds, looking for lush vegetation in which to nest, find an oasis”. Some species you might encounter are among others: herons, egrets, gulls, skimmers, coots and cormorants. It is truly unlike anything you’ll see in Aruba, and it’s free.

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