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List With Aruba Condos

Updated August 2017

In this article, you can find a list of condo developments that started with a force since 2008. Several condominium developments are ongoing, while other have been announced but never really passed into the phase of construction. Below you will find an honest list with developments (including updated information) on all the current and announced projects, without a hidden agenda.

It’s worth mentioning that the information giving process towards potential clients seems to be deficient by the developers. Sure, the realtors might have additional information but people don’t always want to be pushed into a sales appointment or a pushy information meeting but are rather curious about the project and the possibilities.

People are just shopping around for the perfect condo with the perfect price appears. I’ve received feedback from readers who are curious about the development and might be interested if they like what they see/read. I was ready to help out naturally. Take note, developers.

Location Location Location

To start with the obvious and perhaps oldest rule in real estate, the location of a property is the most important part of the decision to purchase. The majority of the condos here in Aruba are planned to appear in, or near, the general areas of Eagle Beach or Palm Beach. The beach will be at a walking distance most of the time with these developments, which makes them all that more attractive.

It also means that such an A1 location, with a spectacular view, isn’t going to come cheaply. Be prepared to fork over near a half a million US dollars for a decent unit. If you factor in the fact that the development of a new project is going to be limited due to the size of this island, it seems highly unlikely that the prices are going to come down anytime soon.

Most condos are high-end and offer amenities typical to be expected of the contemporary condo development. Some condos offer a complete resort-like infrastructure to help buyers generate revenue for when the condo is not in use. Make sure to inform about this when purchasing.

Eagle Beach and Palm Beach Condos

There are several condo projects currently under construction and others in the pipeline. If you wonder what is currently going on in terms of condo development in Aruba, I thought it would be a good idea to do the investigative work for you. For your convenience, there’s a list of Aruba condo projects below. There are a few with images as well. Take note that this is not a complete list, but surely is a handy list.

List of condos at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach

1. Jardines del Mar

Jardines del Mar Eagle Beach Condo

2. The Residences at Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort

3. Aruba Breeze Condominium (formerly Pearl Eagle Beach Aruba)

Aruba Breeze Condo
Aruba Breeze
  • Description: Small and intimate condo project consisting of 25 units, located a few minutes from Eagle Beach. Only two bedroom units available.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Hospital.
  • Status: Completed, units for sale.
  • Price indication: $300,000.
  • Contact:
  • News: developers are planning to start a new, similar development in the area. Aruba Breeze is highly rated among buyers for having a high quality finish and among travelers for having a great overall experience, despite the need to walk a couple of minutes to get to the beach.

4. Oceania Residences Aruba

  • Description: Project of 54 units located at Eagle Beach.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Chalet Suisse, Key Largo Casino, public transport.
  • Status: All 5 phases completed and sold out. Resale only.
  • Price indication: $500,000 for small units.
  • Website:
  • News: Oceania Condo has been the first major condo to be developed. Currently, the same partners are now developing Blue Residences. More below.

5. Blue Residences (originally planned as The Cliff Beachfront Condominium Aruba)

Blue Aruba
Blue Residences Aruba
  • Description: Luxury high-rise condo project between Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Butterfly Farm, Blossoms Restaurant.
  • Status: First tower completed. Tower 2 and 3 currently under construction.
  • Prices indication: starting at $320,000.
  • Website:
  • News: developers received an addition to the land and are currently developing another building adjacent to Blue Residences. This project has a complete hotel-like operation of any condo in Aruba, including on-site food and beverage options and property management, styled after timeshare resorts. Blue Residences didn’t hide their intention of operating this property as a hotel judging the fact that they hired a veteran hotel General Manager to oversee the operations.

6. Acqua Condominium Aruba

7. Oasis Luxury Condominiums

  • Description: Small 35 unit project located near Eagle Beach.
  • Vicinity: Eagle Beach, Chalet Suisse, Key Largo Casino, Morgan’s Water Park.
  • Status: Construction completed. Unit sales ongoing.
  • Prices indication starting at $440,000.
  • Website:

Announced Condominiums and Status

Since 2007 many condominium projects have been announced and only a handful of them really managed to come to fruition. Financing is mostly to blame but also with the extremely slow and tedious red tape that developers need to go through in order for the project to advance.

Below some projects that have been announced:

  • O Condominium Eagle Beach (status: announced)
  • Las Islas Palm Beach Condominiums (status: announced, construction ongoing)
  • The Sands Eagle Beach Aruba (status: announced, never developed, defunct. Rumored to have been acquired by another group)
  • The White House Condominiums (status: announced, never developed, defunct)
  • Goldcoast Malmok Aruba (status: project full ahead)

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The development of townhouses are completed and sold out. The development of condominiums has not started yet, but are sold out. The development of Villas is ongoing and units are for sale. I reckon that of the total development about 25% is finished. They have sold more than 100 units according to the developers.

As to why they don’t update their website, I really don’t know. Some say or think “we don’t have the time” and if this is the case, they don’t understand the internet. Maybe they underestimate the importance of having an updated web presence. Thank you for the comment.

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