Aruba Continues To Upgrade

Coral Pyramid
Many developments currently ongoing in Aruba, such as Coral Pyramid

A few weeks ago I read an interesting article about the upgrades currently being realized in Aruba. According to the piece Aruba’s upgrading for about $500 million. There is still more to come in the following months.

Major renovations took/take place at Westin, Hyatt, Marriott to mentions a few, while smaller inaugurations took place in other sectors such as restaurants, spas, malls and clubs. Not only ‘concrete’ investments are taking place, but also Aruba’s National Park Arikok is receiving a belated and badly needed renovation beautification.

Investments are without a doubt badly necessary in any open economy such as Aruba’s. The flow of foreign currency is still strong according to the latest reports from the Aruba’s monetary authority. In earlier occasions I’ve called for additional investments in productivity, the people and the environment. For a tourism destination with limited amount of workers higher productivity is essential. Furthermore investments in people are essential as well, particularly on the intellectual and social aspect. Lastly, new environmental measures and sustainable tourism is a must, going forward

By Gabriel

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