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Last month I wrote a piece called Aruba’s Growing Pains, which was pretty well received. As a follow-up on that post I would like to elaborate a bit more on the subject.

I’m not the only person in Aruba thinking about the future of this island. Recently an official committee was launched with a project called ‘Nos Aruba 2025’, meaning ‘Our Aruba in 2025’. The goal of this project is to start a national debate on where we would like the direction of this island to be headed in the coming decades.

This kind of project is unprecedented in the history of this island. All the major achievements that occurred during modern history happened due to great men standing up and share their vision to the people. These great men where all well educated and understood the importance to exercise the right of self determination by the population. Especially on an island once colonized.

In the modern times and due to lack of men standing up with ideas, the best way to look ahead is to organize these debates. In all fairness, in this day and age with the individual being able to create a forum such as this one, it is difficult for any new visionary to stand up. We’re so critical to any so-called great individual, that we dismiss them all before given them a fair chance.

Aruba beaches will be there by 2025. The trick is to make sure the beaches remain clean and accessible, the island affordable for visitors everywhere.

By Gabriel

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Hello Gabriel,

The Nos Aruba 2025 can get a lot of ideas if they took the time go to your site! Aruba is a jewel and people most see the true value of the land. With this I mean that Aruba most not take the path of mass tourism. Instead, Aruba must try took be like a quality brand. I am confident that Aruba is and will be a great example for other islands in the world. Be small but Think BIG!


The project is indeed a nice opportunity for us to express ourselves where we would like this island to be headed for the future.

I agree that we don’t have to take the path of mass tourism, not only because of the negative impact (strain on infrastructure, pollution, strain on health care, consumerism followed by massive imports etc.) but for the simple fact that Aruba doesn’t have the space or man power to offer top notch service the way it would like to give it.

I think there are many other opportunities outside of tourism Aruba should pursue, areas that are less labor-intensive than tourism. We have a forum at “Nos Aruba 2025” and hope many people use that forum.

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