Aruba is a Desert

Aruba Desert
Early morning sunrise in Aruba desert

Despite the fact that Aruba is a much frequented Caribbean vacation destination, there are still many people who don’t realize that Aruba is a very arid, barren and dry island. The landscape resembles more one of a desert area like US states of New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.

Regardless the lack of rain throughout the year, there are a few things that make nice contrast. The rainy period (generally at the end of the year) and the beaches are nice contrast against cacti-filled hillside. The rainy period guarantees enough moist for vegetation to survive the dry parts of the year.

Above picture shows a nice example to the before mentioned contrast. The cacti indicate the island desert, while the water shows the remains of rain showers as of late. Lastly, the hills are adorned by grass (!), another evidence of above average rain in past weeks.

Update: When I say Aruba is a desert, I mean more the look and feel of this island. Technically Aruba has sub-tropical climate.

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