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Aruba Lacks A True 5 Star Resort

A few days ago I read an interesting piece on where a person submitted a question where they’re seeking advice on where to go for their honeymoon. They where doubting between Hawaii or Aruba. I’m not going  into details on that question, as I believe the person at and the readers offered enough suggestions. The piece that I’m going to comment on is where they say that Aruba doesn’t have a 5-star resort.

Despite the efforts of the last two year or so where resort have invested more than US$ 100 million in upgrades and expansions, Aruba still lacks a true 5-star resort. Some hotels get close to offering a 5-star experience to visitors, but it still isn’t enough to reach full 5-star. Do we need or want a true 5-star resort property on this island? Officials are always talking about generating more revenue from the same amount of visitors. The only way to reach this principle is by upgrading the product in order to charge more.

Recently opened luxury level at Aruba Marriott [image by Marriott]

With ‘product’ I don’t mean the resorts alone, rather the island as a whole. If we want to offer a 5-star resort, we also need to have 5-star island. There will be need for major investments in infrastructure, service and the environment. The biggest investment of all must be in the people. Only than a guest at a 5-star resort will truly enjoy a 5-star service. Meanwhile some resorts, such as Aruba Marriott, try to offer additional luxury. This month they inaugurated a wing called Tradewinds Club.

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