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Aruba Marriott Renovations Just Started

Aruba Marriott Renovations Just Started
Marriott construction

Aruba Marriott Renovations Just Started
Workers getting busy at Aruba Marriott

Recently I wrote a piece about hotels having the habit of starting renovations in the month of September, I’ve noticed that Aruba Marriott hasn’t begun. Well, up until yesterday that is. Renovations kicked-off at Marriott Resort yesterday October 1st.

The first thing they are ripping apart is the entrance-lobby. Right now they are taking the old hardware out. When it gets time to start rebuilding and, more importantly, drilling, is this noise going to affect guests? Are they able to keep the noise to a minimum level?

It seems likely due to the fact that I haven’t seen much price reductions by offering hot deals and the resort is going to remain open. The reconstruction is most likely going to be cosmetic more than anything else and the noise level might be kept to a minimum.

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