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Confirmed: Aruba Morgan’s Water Park Opens

Water park Morgan
Morgan’s Island Aruba Aqua Park

I’ve been tipped off [thanks Rodney], and later confirmed that Morgan’s Island Water Park is opening its doors next week to the public. Thursday, November 27th 2008, Morgan’s Island is opening.

Today, upon driving nearby Morgan’s, I’ve noticed that on the outside there’s still work to be done but it looks like major construction has finished.

The most requested information on this website by far was about Morgan’s Island water park. People returned often to see when it was opening, so I’m happy to be able to give a date. I will be visiting the park as soon as it opens and I’m planning on making some short videos. Also I will be posting details such as prices and park amenities.

Update 1: Eventually the water park opened on Wednesday, December 3rd 2008. It opened partially. More details in the coming days.

Update 2: It was announced that Morgan’s Island Water Park, ceased its operations on Tuesday, March 23rd 2010.

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6 replies on “Confirmed: Aruba Morgan’s Water Park Opens”

I visited the waterpark in January… my children enjoyed it very much and for the number of rides I really didn’t feel the price was to much. However, the staff totally ignored vulgar language and overt sexual behavior by some teens. As a parent of young children I was shocked when this behavior was overlooked, especially when I asked a staff member to address it.

I always like to hear two sides to a story, but I don’t see how the water park could talk their way out of this one. Many water parks have house rules and if you don’t abide by them you will be ejected. I’m assuming Morgan’s is no different. If we would like to become a more child friendly island we really need to address these issues. Thank you for your candor comment.

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