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Aruba Real Estate is Buyers Market

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I read an interesting article recently in a local publication regarding the current state of Aruba real estate. Well, ‘current state’ is a big word. It was more like the opinion of a few real estate agents regarding the latest development within their company. The prevailing opinion among the agents is a significant drop in American buyers across the board. Nothing new there.

Americans are very careful buying real estate domestically let alone foreign real estate. Some real estate agents noticed a slight increase in European and Canadian purchases, indicating a minor shift in its customer base. Another market that is seeing sell-off is timeshare properties. Owners are putting their weeks up for re-sale, according to some reports.

In general real estate prices in Aruba are relatively steady, however this reported influx of properties onto market might put prices under pressure or worse, decrease. To property owners I would suggest putting their property on the market starting late next year in order to protect its value. If you are looking to buy property in Aruba on the other hand, now is your chance.

By Gabriel

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