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On a daily basis receives many hits with several search requests from search engines. The gathered information is priceless, obviously. It tells me what people want to know. When somebody reaches this site, and leaves within the next 5 seconds, it means they didn’t find the information they were interested in. I will try to correct this. Currently I’m doing some research as a respond to the requests.

It is noticeable that in present times travelers are more critical towards the choice of the resort location. People want to read about the resorts and see pictures before making a choice. The internet has made it easier to research locations and read opinions from past travelers who share their experience on bulletin boards and travel sites. On the flip side, the internet has made the decision making process more difficult as well. There are opinions written by many people on both sides of the equation and they all sound very convincing. I’ll try and help to make sense of it all. In fact, the goal of this site is to add to the opinions already shared by past travelers and hopefully bring something new as well.

Something I’ve learned from the gathered data is that people like to compare Aruba resorts with each other. I will take it upon myself to do that. In the coming days I’ll release the first comparison.

Meanwhile subscribe to this site to remain informed. If you want to know something about the resort or beach you are interested in you can also contact me directly at I’ll write a post on it, if I find enough information. I will reply your mail within a few hours to confirm the reception of your request. Cost? It’s free. Remember, I only write about structures and sites, not people.

By Gabriel

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Would love to hear your thoughts on this. We recently switched from the high rise area resorts to a low rise resort and found the difference to be vastly different. For us, a lower “star rated” resort, but much better overall experience. šŸ™‚

Lisa, I receive questions frequently regarding the differences between low rise resorts and high rise resorts.

Last year I wrote an analysis on that topic. It covers the topic a little.

I’m planning on taking it from a different angle this time and I’m adding some tips as well.

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