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Aruba Vineyard: Wine Tastes Better By The Sea

That fact that Aruba is somewhat of a tourism center is known. Our island continuously receives accolades from travelers worldwide and experts alike. Currently, in Aruba, there is a push to try to promote its culture and gastronomy, with the latter having arguably improved considerably in the last decade or so.

Today’s topic is for the oenophiles among us, or at least for the ones with a moderate curiosity about wines.

Due to a private initiative, Aruba is carefully taking its first steps into the world of winemaking with the introduction of “Adore Wines” by Mr. Luiz Videira Melatti, with locally grown grapes.

Wine Tastes Better By The Sea

The plantation of grape bearing vines is located in the urbanization of Burubundo, west of Aruba’s capital. Founder, Mr. Luiz, established a quality standard by creating the first Aruban Cabernet Sauvignon, which was deemed accessible but aged with grace.

The oenologist’s hands are apparent ever since harvesting started in 2010, and today continues to innovate and elevating the quality of the wines.

After haven spoken to the founder, Mr. Luiz, he said to fervently believe in sustainable agriculture. According to Mr. Luiz, the winemaking process meets all environmental and quality objectives.

Local winemaker Adore produces Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir by Adore Aruba

Wine Tourism Matters

The tourism sector in Aruba is betting on meeting the changing tendencies that modern visitors are demanding. It is already visible in the lodging space by the clear shift that is currently happening with many guests choosing an AirBnB property over a conventional hotel.

Another trend that is starting to happen slowly is the choice of some people to stay in or near nature. 

People are seeking with a purpose, something different, and in that context, in this case, the “vineyard vacation” fits this narrative.

Aruban grapes
Aruba wine grapes

The tourism sector in Aruba is on an ongoing journey to discover new ways to offer genuine and memorable new experiences and can certainly find a willing partner in the wine industry.

As of press time, Aruba has 5 acres (2 hectares) and ready to harvest grapes. Would you like to visit them? Don’t forget:

Wine Tastes Better By The Sea

By Gabriel

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2 replies on “Aruba Vineyard: Wine Tastes Better By The Sea”

Good job Gabriel…enjoy your newsletter very much and although I only see your Island once a year for the last 15 years its a joy…Very interested in seeing the winery hope you can publish more data….Quite a distance from high rise Hotels though…..If I had to say one negative comment as a tourist…about Aruba ….your water sport activity directly in front of the Hotels has turned your beautiful carribean water into an oily mess

I’m humbled write this reply to you, sir, as you are a 15-year Aruba travel veteran. Thank you for honoring this island with your visit for so long. In terms of the vineyard, I do have more information but didn’t want to overwhelm the article too much. By no means, I’m a wine connoisseur, but I can share more information. I will revisit this topic with some videos as well.

About water sports vendors in Aruba, I’m mixed about them. I know several of them and there some excellent vendors, but also there are those who are a disservice to our island. I am a problem solver and like to bring solutions to issues, but this particular case is difficult to solve. Perhaps this issue could be solved somehow by a social application (Facebook?) that can reward good vendors and penalize bad ones, which translates into more or fewer sales, resulting in the respective rise and fall of companies.

I do agree that we need to take care of our Caribbean sea. Thank you again, Vincent.

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