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Aruban Resort (Ex-La Cabana Villas) New Room Pictures

The Aruban Resort (formerly known as La Cabana Villas) is a resort of 362 rooms located East of La Cabana Resort at Eagle Beach. Last August KL Holding Company from Las Vegas, Nevada acquired The Aruban Resort. Reportedly the developer was more interested in acquiring the casino and adjacent restaurant then the resort itself. However the government wouldn’t agree to those terms in the fear of having an abandoned resort-building in the prime area of Eagle Beach until another developer decides to purchase it. Unless KL Holding Company acquired all three properties no permit would be forthcoming.

With the purchase of La Cabana Villas KL Holding Company transformed it to: The Aruban Resort & Casino At Eagle Beach. The plans are to convert The Aruban in a luxury timeshare resort with a luxurious casino. KL Holding Company revealed the plans of the renovation which are pretty ambitious. Construction is currently ongoing.

Today I had the opportunity to take a peek in a 3-bedroom suite and must say that I’m impressed. Comparing the layout plans with the actual pictures of the rooms perhaps it’s not the same, however the rooms surely look good. I’ve seen the rooms before and now it looks way better. Below are 9 shots of a renewed room in no specific order.

Aruban Resort New Room 1

The big mirrors/closet doors were kept intact.

Aruban Resort New Room 2

New hardware such as flat screen television were added.

Aruban Resort New Room 3

Another room with different hardware and the same flat screen tv.

Aruban Resort New Room 4

The tiles and doors are the same as before.

Aruban Resort New Room 5

Living room and dining room with new hardware, including a big television.

Aruban Resort New Room 6

Master suite with a simple decoration.

Aruban Resort New Room 7

Shot from the living room towards the patio.

Aruban Resort New Room 8

Colorful dining area with comfortable chairs.

Aruban Resort New Room 9

Closer shot of the Panasonic flat screen television.

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5 replies on “Aruban Resort (Ex-La Cabana Villas) New Room Pictures”

I finally found a site where I can leave message and hope that someone replys.
We have reservations at what I thought was called LaCabbana..I understand someone else has bought it.
We are going 12/20/07 thru 12/27/02.
Trip all paid for. I understand we are staying in what is called the “back” of the establishment in a Grand Suite over looking the pool. we have had read so many bad reviews. I hope we are not being abused.
Pictures show nice suite type, including kitchen and all over looking pool.
Is the place completely underconstruction.
Please advise…

Hi there Sandy, thank you for visiting this website. This site is updated every weekday and I generally reply fairly quickly to any question.

I understand your concern about your booking and the lack of room to leave comments and questions. That’s one of the reasons I started this site.

Resorts are not forthcoming with the latest information about any ongoing renovations other then presenting the sketches and pictures of the finished renovations.

I just got off the phone with somebody close within The Aruban and asked a few questions about the renovations.

From what I understand there are no major structural renovations ongoing at this point, only cosmetic. This means that the rooms are being upgraded by taking out the old hardware and putting in brand new hardware.

In regards to the bad reviews about this resort, in all fairness many of them are (were?) accurate. Not enough was done to maintain the resort accordingly in the last few years due to issues between the previous owners.

The new owner however seems to be taking care of things forcefully. For instance the main pool area is reopening tomorrow and it is looking very nicely. Right now the rooms that are being fixed are the one and two bedroom-suites. I don’t know if the room you booked is going to be the ones that are already finished.

To recap, there are no construction cranes on the premises and the noise level is supposed to be minimal.

If you need more information please post a follow-up question.

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