Aruba’s Beaches Organized

Proposed change of Arashi Beach

Current aerial view of Arashi Beach

Proposed and current situations merged

I’ve read an interesting article today on the way beaches are going to be better organized. According to the article some new, stringent, rules are going to be instated.

The changes that are forth coming are among others:

  1. Facilities for the beach visitors
  2. Titles and general information for the user
  3. Parking is going to more rigid (protection of the beaches)
  4. Natural environment is going to be enhanced
  5. Usage and prohibitions are going to be instated

The first phase includes three beaches, namely Arashi, Mangel Halto and Baby Beach. The first phase is scheduled to last only three months.

The coordination is under supervision of the Coastal Zone Management, with the cooperation of several local departments.

The reshaping of the beach areas is long overdue. The beaches itself aren’t going to be altered much, just the surroundings areas. Expect to see better parking, huts, trash bins and markings around the beaches.

In above images I’ve tried to illustrate the changes. Hopefully you can make something out of it. If not, I guess you’ll have to visit Aruba and see the changes for yourself.

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