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Aruba’s Biggest Waterpark

Morgan’s Island Aruba
Defunct water park: Morgan’s Island

This year Morgan’s Island Aruba Aqua Park is scheduled to open to the public at Eagle Beach. It is going to be Aruba’s biggest water park yet. Up until recently the only water slides available were exclusively at some resorts, nothing spectacular however.

Aruba’s history with water parks has never been a successful one. Long ago there were several – small – water parks that went broke due to a variety of reasons such as lack of costumers or bad management. The most recent inauguration of a water park happened a few years ago. This water park opened its doors with an intended client base which is predominantly local. It isn’t a real spectacular water park either.

Last year Aruba’s biggest tour operator, De Palm Tours, opened its water park on De Palm Island. It is a small water park intended as an added attraction for De Palm’s customers, who spend the day on the island. It’s not a water park where you decide to stop by on the fly. Plus, to go on the Palm Island you need to purchase a complete package.

The latest addition to Aruba’s water park inventory is Morgan’s Island. This water park is clearly going to be the island’s biggest one yet. It’s going to feature a 70-foot high speed slide, according to their ad. The location is very good in the low rise area at Eagle Beach and its accessibility is superb as it is close the Aruba’s only four-lane road.

Currently construction is ongoing and I guess it is opening later this year. From some reports I’ve read they are expecting lots of visitors. The admission pricing is going to be very critical to their success. Service to the public and general maintenance’s equally important as well.

Update 1: The water park has since been opened. Learn about the opening and prices.

Update 2: It was announced that Morgan’s Island Water Park, ceased its operations on Tuesday, March 23rd 2010.

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Theresa, Morgan’s Island water park is located near the low rise hotel area, just by Eagle Beach. When driving towards Palm Beach area, you’ll most probably drive by it. Thank you for your comment.

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