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Klip Beach Aruba
Beach Airport – Downtown

Since the start of the topics covered on this website grew. It grew a lot. But sometimes I have to return back to basics, to the core topic, namely: Aruba beaches.

Despite the fact that I write a lot about – commercial – real estate development in Aruba, sometimes I forget to write about what’s not commercial and developed at all: Aruba beaches.

A highly underrated beach, perhaps hidden, is the beach that is colloquially called ‘Klip’. The term ‘Klip’ refers to the type of ground the neighboring area is, namely coral.

Normal procedure when constructing a house in Aruba is that the base must be built into solid ground. The excavation must be deep enough to guarantee a sturdy base that in turn guarantees a solid, all weather resistant, house.

The Klip area is an exception to the stringent building codes. Due to the fact that the ground is almost impenetrable, not a lot of digging is required when building a house there. You can imagine that houses in this neighborhood don’t have a cellar. Actually cellars aren’t common in Aruba.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I had to throw in a bit of construction information into this beach post with the explanation of the word ‘Klip’.

Klip Beach

This beach is located on the main road Airport – Hotels. Thousands of tourists drive by this beach frequently, completely missing it, however. The reason I put this beach in the category ‘hidden beaches’ is because the whole beach was sort of hidden behind bushes. Last week the bushes were trimmed, cleaned up and now the beauty of this beach became apparent – again. I must admit that even I overlooked this beach because of the same reason.

Locals visit Klip more on weekends and holidays. Activities that I see going on here sometimes are camping, wake boarding, kayaking and miniature boat racing.

It is a quiet beach with some areas with good quality sea-floor and clear water. Always remember that the degree of clear water is determined by factor such as rock-sand ratio, depth and currents.

Additionally this beach features Pinchos Restaurant which sits on a pier at Klip. All in all a good option for people in search for something different. Just go and park your car under the shade, offered by many trees and walk into the shallow and calm water.

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