Baby Beach Beautification

Baby Beach
New barrier to keep vehicles from the beach at Baby Beach Aruba

There are currently three beaches receiving revamping of the surroundings. A while back officials announced major rounds of restructuring of three beaches: Arashi Beach, Baby Beach and Mangel Halto.

Above pictures shows the progress currently at Baby Beach. Throughout the construction the beach will be accessible as usual. Expect the construction to continue throughout the first few months of 2009.

The idea behind the reconstruction of Baby Beach is to recuperate public spaces and return it back to the users. No vehicles will be allowed on the beaches any more, signs with rules will be put, garbage disposals will be ample, public palapas will be built and general beautification of the surroundings with landscaping.

By Gabriel

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It took about three trips to Aruba before I even knew about Baby Beach. People tend to stay in the hotel area, but if you have a rental car, Baby Beach is a must. I love spending hours just snorkeling off the shore there – can see some beautiful blue tangs. It’s still a paradise. Dave

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Dave. I would like to add to your comment that for the avid snorkeler to enjoy Baby Beach, you really need to search for the “hot spots” in order to find the beautiful underwater world.

If you decide to stay in the shallow areas you won’t see many fish at all.

Always a reminder, that when the currents are strong and/or you don’t have fins, stay in the shallow areas.

Thanks for your comment, Dave.

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