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BBQ-rules On Aruba Beaches

Famous tree at Eagle Beach

Organizing a BBQ at the beach is a very popular activity among locals. Very few tourist actually do this.

What are the rules, if any, regarding BBQ on the beach on Aruba?
This is strictly prohibited.

The reason this is prohibited is because it has happen that when some people are done with the BBQ, they make a hole on the beach and dump the remainder charcoal ashes in the white sand and cover it. This obviously is a big no no.

Officials are very strict with the enforcement of the BBQ-rule. So do not BBQ on the beach. If you want to BBQ at the beach, you need to be off the sand and dispose of ashes in the trash.

By Gabriel

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If you stay BBQ off the beach and clean up afterwards you can BBQ. The best place to do this is between Rui Antillas Hotel and Divi Phoenix Hotel.

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