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Beach Between Divi And Tamarijn Suffered A Little

I drove yesterday by one of my favorite beaches in Aruba, the one between Divi All Inclusive and Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive, [name of this beach is Druif Beach], and noticed it suffered some damage after Sunday’s Felix. The currents in that part are always stronger then Eagle Beach or Palm Beach, so it comes as no surprise that last Sunday, on that particular point, the sea got a bit more rough.

The damage to the beach is actually the sea carving through the beach in one spot, consequently there is a little inlet visible now. The Divi Tamarijn people are used to clean and sometimes fix the beach, so I would guess they will do this part as well. Meanwhile there is a kiddie pool on the beach.

The frequent visitor to Aruba knows that Tamarijn have had their floods in the past, this time they out of the storm pretty well. The beach just in front of the rooms at Tamarijn seems to be in good shape as well.

By Gabriel

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