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Beach In No Man’s Land

Palm Beach or Eagle Beach
Beach between Palm Beach and Eagle Beach

A popular feature on this site is the section about the hidden beaches. People are in search of the less visited spots, in order to enjoy a few quiet moments. Together with the increasingly expansion of developments in Aruba, it’s becoming more difficult to find such places. Not all is lost however. There are still very good beaches which aren’t trafficked as much. Sometimes the beaches are right there, but people simply don’t see them sometimes.

The picture beach in above picture shows an interesting area. This small beach is located just south of Divi Phoenix Resort. I think it forms part of Palm Beach, but the man made rock barrier works as a separation from Palm Beach, therefore putting it into no man’s land. There are some water sport activity providers in the surrounding area. They seem to favor off loading the boats there in the morning, to offer service to both Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. Generally there isn’t anyone on the beach, making it extremely relaxing.

The water is exceptionally clear and the sea floor is sandy. The barrier somehow makes the beach very calm. Bear in mind that the barrier only covers one side. The barrier itself is a few years old. You can imagine how this area is going to be like in the future for snorkelers, when nature adopts it and built its wonders underneath the water.

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