Aruba’s most popular beaches are located on the western part of the island. Don’t limit yourself to only these beaches however, let show you other swimming and/or snorkeling spots in Aruba.

Caribbean Cabana At Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach is located near the lighthouse and Tierra del Sol Golf Course.

Arashi is easily accessible with bus, taxi, car, scooter or even walking.

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Boca Catalina Aruba

Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina is a small snorkeling beach between Arashi Beach and Malmok Beach.

This beach is located in the high-end residential area and is easily accessible.


Palm Beach Aruba

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is Aruba’s highest profile beach located on the Western side.

All major resorts are represented, among others Westin, Radisson and Marriott.


Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach

One of Aruba’s most popular beaches located accessibly in the Western part.

Typically smaller timeshare resorts and condos are found near Eagle Beach.


Druif Beach With Divi

Druif Beach

Stretch of beach located between Punta Bravo and Down Town area.

Smaller resorts are typically found near Druif Beach. Also 9-hole Divi Links golf.


Wooden Boats In Oranjestad


This beach is located by the Down Town area. Renaissance properties are nearby.

The word ‘Klip’ refers to the coral found in the area. It is popular with locals.


Fisherman Boats

Surfside Beach

Calm and shallow beach near the airport. Typically used by two small nearby resorts.

There is also a pier-restaurant called Pinchos. Additionally there is a small children’s park.


De Palm Island

De Palm Island

This coral island is owned by De Palm Tours. All-inclusive day packages are available.

Swimming and snorkeling is good at De Palm Island. It is enjoyable especially for children.


Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach

Located in San Nicolas, Rodgers Beach is a very calm beach for people who want tranquility.

If you feel nearby – and popular- Baby Beach is too crowded give Rodgers a try.


Baby Beach

Baby Beach

Very popular beach among visitors and locals alike. Located on the other side of the island.

If you appreciate quietness, try to avoid the weekends and public (local) holidays.


Boca Grandi

Boca Grandi

Beach very popular with kite surfers. Located on the opposite side of the island.

Warning: approach this beach with utmost restraint due to relentless waves and currents.


Natural Pool

Natural Pool

Natural formation of rock protects waves from crashing; therefore creating a Natural Pool structure where one can swim safely.

Warning: be vigilant for rough waves.


Below, beaches without photograph (for now)

Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach is not the official name of the beach; however, it is a long stretch of beach between Palm Beach and Boca Catalina.

Punta Bravo

Punta Bravo is the area which consists from around Manchebo Resort to Divi All Inclusive. Elsewhere on this site I call this beach Manchebo Beach; however, Punta Bravo is the name of the area.

Renaissance Island

Renaissance Resort lacks a beach Down Town; therefore it created beach facilities for their visitors by purchasing a coral island, refurbished it and added facilities. Every couple of minutes there is a boat leaving Renaissance to the island and back. This is terrific alternative for all visitors to Aruba.

Mangel Halto

Driving to San Nicolas (Aruba’s second biggest town) there is an urbanization called Pos Chikito. This area is home of Mangel Halto, a beach filled with sea life, therefore top notch snorkeling. Mangel Halto might be the island’s best snorkeling spot in Aruba.


Savaneta has long stretches of beach in different locations along the south part of Aruba. This fishing town is known for its water wonders. One can swim in super shallow water with mangroves, where nature comes to life.

Boca Prins

Beach is located in the National Park, where the waves are strong. Beautiful place. Warning: approach this beach with utmost restraint due to relentless waves and currents.

Dos Playa

A very popular surfer’s beach in the National Park. Warning: approach this beach with utmost restraint due to relentless waves and currents.


Popular surfer’s beach close to Natural Bridge. Warning: approach this beach with utmost restraint due to relentless waves and currents.


Another popular surfer’s beach on the north eastern coast. This beach is between the Gold Mill Ruins and Alto Vista Chapel. Warning: approach this beach with utmost restraint due to relentless waves and currents.

Boca Grandi

Close to the Chapel of Alto Vista there is another beach with the name Boca Grandi. This beach is secluded and rarely used. Warning: approach this beach with utmost restraint due to relentless waves and currents.

Note: some beaches may not appear on the list and/or may carry a different name.

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Gabriel, by any chance do you know if there are facilities at Surfside Beach? Maybe possiblity of renting chaises and some type of shade umbrellas for say cruise ship passengers?

Hi there Lisa, on the photograph underneath Surfside Beach, you see that there isn’t any kind of facility whatsoever. However, just a bit farther ahead there is Havana Beach Bar where there are some beach facilities and bar. People from Talk of the Town have access to the facilities there. I’m not sure what kind of arrangement TOTT has with the owners though.

Do you mean cliff diving at Natural Pool? If so, the cliff diving is the other side when you enter Natural Pool, you swim across to the opposite side, then climb carefully and you can jump back into the sea, you just swam in.

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