Top 5: Aruba’s Best Beaches

As there are more than 20 beaches on this small island, people sometimes ponder as to which one it the best. Obviously this is a highly subjective thing to ask as each individual has a different taste. Additionally, it might just happen that due to currents on that day or perhaps any other reason, the water might not be just that clear on that particular day.
Taking the above into consideration it is a difficult list to make, as it would be a judgment call. However, I’m going to dare and put it out there. I specifically titled this post “Aruba’s Best Beaches” as opposed to “Aruba’s Most Popular Beaches”, which means that the beaches aren’t judged by most frequented.
The top 5:

1. Mangel Halto

  • Pro: no commercialization, shallow clear water, good snorkeling
  • Con: no beach facility, difficult to find

2. Arashi Beach

  • Pro: beach facility, shallow clear water, close to resorts
  • Con: poor snorkeling

3. Rodgers Beach

  • Pro: not many crowds (people visit neighboring Baby Beach instead)
  • Con: view to the west not so nice (refinery)

4. Eagle Beach

  • Pro: long stretched beach, sea floor sandy in many places, some facility available
  • Con: snorkeling is not spectacular, gets crowded on local public holidays

5. Malmok Beach (small area)

  • Pro: unknown place, good snorkeling, good alternative to Mangel Halto, short drive from hotels
  • Con: no beach facility

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By Gabriel

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3 replies on “Top 5: Aruba’s Best Beaches”

I wish there was some way to clean up the little “birs” that are on Eagle Beach. It is my favorite beach of all, but the closer to the road you get the more “birs” you find in your towels, your bags and on your feet (ouch!) Gabriel I love your website it's the most informative venue to Aruba!

Thank you for the compliment. I don't know what “birs” mean really, however, from the context and knowing the beach I think I know what it is. Those things grow all over the place and are annoying indeed. In Aruba we call this “wanglo” by the way.

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