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Beware of construction at Radisson, La Cabana and The Mill

As the softer period of the year – in terms of tourism arrival – approaches many resorts take advantage of this fact to renovate its facilities. This way they try to minimize the inconvenience to customers as much as possible. Currently Radisson Beach Resort, La Cabana Beach Resort and The Mill Resort & Suites are in the midst of a renovations and you should expect some inconvenience.

From negative to positive

Understandably you won’t find fresh updates about renovations on the websites of the before mentioned resorts or travel agencies, but I will update you. It’s very important to realize a couple of things when traveling to a resort which is renovating.

The construction efforts don’t have to be a bad thing. Don’t let this ruin your vacation. Most renovating resorts go out of their way to make sure the noise level is kept to an acceptable level, and most of the time they do a pretty good job in sealing the place with a standard acoustical sealant available easily from places like

Another way hotels try to attract visitors during renovations is with sharp offers. Radisson and The Mill currently offer special discounts which are certainly worth considering. At the end, you could spend less time at the resorts, instead visit restaurants, explore other beaches, take tours or just go shopping. Just a few suggestions.


Radisson is investing millions of dollars in renovation of Curacao tower (the southern building). Currently Radisson is offering a whopping 35% discount and kids eat for free for this summer. Radisson makes no mention of the renovations on their website, Facebook or Twitter feed.

Renovations La Cabana
Renovations at La Cabana ongoing

La Cabana

La Cabana has a special page with updates about the construction. However, the last update was posted in February, thus a bit dated. I can tell you that the construction has moved now to the northern wing and is ongoing. I didn’t see any special discounts on their website.

The Mill Resort

The Mill is renovating the lobby entirely and is repainting the outside of the building. The Mill makes no mention of the renovations but they do offer special discounts. A room is now $115 per night.

Worth mentioning

Construction of 320-room Ritz-Carlton is most likely going to start soon and this might bring some inconvenience near that area (north of Marriott Aruba), although at this point it’s a bit premature to speculate about the extend of this.

The Mill Renovations
The Mill lobby renovation sign

The Mill Renovations
Renovation The Mill

The Mill Renovations
New Lobby at The Mill

The Mill Renovations
New paint job The Mill

The Mill Renovations
White is the new color at The Mill?

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2 replies on “Beware of construction at Radisson, La Cabana and The Mill”

i’m planning a trip to the radisson aruba during the last week of april 2011. can anyone inform me as to what/where the renovation process will be during this time? 🙂

Currently the Curacao-wing is being renovated, which is the souther part of the resort. Construction has been ongoing for several months now and I expect this to continue through April.

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