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Bon Voyage Polynesia

The sad state of classic cruise vessel SV Polynesia which was chained for years in Aruba

Wind Jammer SV Polonysia
SV Polynesia leaves Aruba to Portugal

On several opportunities, I’ve written about the sad state of former Windjammer Cruises ship SV Polynesia which remained chained in Aruba for nearly two years. Windjammer Cruises fell into hard times due to internal struggles between the owners and the debt left behind.

Windjammer Cruises was highly regarded by people who were on board in its heyday. They found the cruises to be unforgettable. Many long-lasting personal relationships commenced, while lots of different ports visited. The ships’ staff were as diverse as the port of calls were.

I really thought that SV Polynesia was going to end up on the bottom of the ocean as no party showed any interest in acquiring this beauty. Finally, someone (company) bought the ship in foreclosure. On Friday the 13th it left Aruba, headed for Portugal. This old fisher boat might return to its old glory. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen reports of its faith.

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I’m glad to see she won’t be at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. My husband worked on the ship (and on the Mandalay). I have sailed on the Poly about 8 times and loved every min of it. Thank you for your post about her moving. Just happen to come across it today.

I also met the love of my life who became my wife 10 years ago on the Polly, it was the best cruise of my life. The Polly maybe gone but will never be forgotton

Do you have any update since 2009? My husband and I sailed on the Poly in 1985 and it is one of my most favorite vacation memories! We were upset to read that she was in disrepair. Did she make it to Portugal?

I am glad also. My 1980 vacation was two weeks on the Polynesia.

I met lots of friends. Partied a lot. And had the immense pleasure of being at the help for a night between island. Forgot which ones but made record time of 9 hours…great winds that night.

I still have my cert from the Captain and always will cherish the memories.

Went on cruise on Polynesian in Oct 1987, proposed to my wife at sunrise last morning aboard ship. Still married 33 years this year. Loved our time on the ship. Sad the cruisers had to end.

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