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Caribbean Sea Fishy

Savaneta Fisherman Station
Sleepy fisherman’s pier in Aruba

Some time ago BBC Caribbean featured an article about fishing in the Caribbean. It was actually about over-fishing in the Caribbean Sea. According to the article, a major problem for the future of the Caribbean is the fact that many island nations allows their territorial waters to be susceptible to over-fishing. In all fairness, the fishing industry forms an important part of many tourism-economy dependent islands in the Caribbean.

Aruba, however, is an exception to this rule. For starters, Aruba’s tourism dominated economy is very one sided. Other industries are very small, even insignificant, therefore leaving this island depending for 70%+ of its GDP from receipts from tourism and tourism related activities. Fishing on the other hand is kept to a minimum by the prohibition of commercial fishing. This in turn creates a tight fish market where demand is high, consequently fish products are expensive.

Above picture shows an old pier with several old-school wooden fisherman boats. Old fishermen have many tales of the sea and the struggles as well. There are a lot of romantic and adventurous tales about being on the open waters of the southern Caribbean Sea. The sea is rough at times. It isn’t a job without dangers, therefore fishermen are well respected in Aruba. Fact is, when you go to a local fish restaurant and order  “catch of the day” you will receive a freshly caught fish. Bon appetite.

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Als je nou echt ongecompliceerd en zeer casual heerlijk vis wil eten met aardappeltjes en garnalen…. lekker Balashi pilsje of een chardonnay op een pier in Savaneta ga dan zeker naar…: de Zeerover, vlakbij het Betico-beeld. Smullen man!!!

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