Caribbean Tourism Is Changing

Earlier this month I’ve posted an extensive article on the State Of Caribbean Travel and recently I’ve come across an article at The article [Caribbean tourism under threat] offers an interesting perspective on the medium term state of Caribbean tourism.

According to the article there are emerging markets that are closer to Europe and United States, where the Caribbean is heavily dependent upon, that offer the same traditional sun-sea-sand package and perhaps even cheaper.

Furthermore the article suggests that islands need to change the tourism focal point and search for other directions in order to cope with the expected transformations. It features examples of islands that are preparing for change such as Barbados, Belize and Jamaica. Indeed some islands seem to have taken a pro-active approach when it comes to the changes ahead. Then again BBC interviewed several island officials, many elected, where they expressed their desire for change instead of upcoming changes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that changes are imminent. It is easy to launch a one-liner for the press, it is more difficult to actually realize the plans. The positive aspect of all this is that the islands are aware of the future and many of them seem to have started internal discussions looking towards the future.

Another threat for tourism is global warming. For this reason some European countries are planning on implementing fiscal measures to penalize airlines in order to bring down pollution. Reports suggest that the air industry is a minor contributor of pollution in comparison to general industrial production. For this reason aviation groups are crying foul against the governments which want to implement these measures and call it “ordinary” enrichment. If these penalties get the go-ahead some suggest the Caribbean might suffer heavily because of that.

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