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Central Plaza at Paseo Herencia

Paseo Herencia
Central Plaza at Paseo Herencia

Above picture shows the central plaza at newly opened shopping area Paseo Herencia. Meanwhile – this week – neighboring mall project Palm Beach Plaza announced it has just reached the highest point of the construction.

Paseo Herencia has been open now for a few months and I’ve noticed something interesting. The expected exodus by merchants and influx of locals to Paseo Herencia has been relatively minimal. It really seems as if Paseo is more focused towards foreign clients, while Oranjestad-shops maintains its strong position with local shoppers. Users still make it busy in town. Even though Aruba is small, locals find the distance all the way to Palm Beach for basic shopping too far, therefore favoring town.

And still Paseo Herencia can be called a success. Locals use Paseo Herencia for leisure, where otherwise they wouldn’t go to town due to parking issues. Thanks to the parking garage, they can park their vehicles safely.

Seemingly, several down town merchants have opened a branch at Paseo Herencia to be closer to the visitors which is the intended customer.

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